Zebra MC9300 Series: Five reasons to be the best option for industrial mobility

Warehouses and manufacturing plants around the world have used more than three million mobile computers in the MC9000 series to optimize their operations. Today we have the latest technology update: The new Zebra MC9300 ultra-robust and definitive – the next evolution of the best-selling and most reliable mobile equipment in the world

1 – Last generation Android Operating System and multiple built-in keyboard options

Get the features you need to handle and send more orders every day with the Zebra MC9300.
Android offers the ultimate in simplicity and its workers already know it well. All-touch Terminal Emulation transforms your green text screens, into intuitive touch screens that reduce keystrokes and errors and training time.
Get a quick snapshot of virtually any bar code with the engines that set the bar for scanning performance. And the maximum computing power, memory and WiFi connection speeds ensure superior performance in today’s and tomorrow’s applications.

2 – Perfect device for every occasion

With the Zebra MC9300, there are more model options than any device in this class. Choose from a wide variety of glove-friendly keyboards that allow you to simplify data entry for your applications.
The four scanning engine options allow you to adapt the engine to your scanning needs, including direct part marks (DPM) and extended range scanning with the new SE4850 scanner.
And as if that were not enough … there are models of frozen cameras and non-flammable environments for their most challenging environments.
The result? Your workers get devices created specifically to maximize efficiency and productivity, while IT gets the simplicity of supporting a single platform.

3 – More ways to capture more types of data.

Choose to scan 1D / 2D codes at short, medium or extraordinarily long range, reading bar codes at your fingertips and at the top racks of department stores.
There is a specific Zebra MC9300 model for capturing at the speed of light of virtually every direct parts mark for tracking and tracking applications in industry. As an option, a 13 MP camera can be added, which captures photos and videos in high resolution to document the load condition test and more …

4 – Keyboard and touch screen support for your applications.

The migration to Android could not be easier: the Zebra MC9300 is compatible with your old Telnet applications, right from the start.
The integrated keyboard offers the same experience that your workers have today: there are no changes in the workflow, no training is required. And when you’re ready to migrate to the keyboard-based entry, Zebra’s All-touch TE easily converts your “green screens” into sleek, easy-to-use, fully graphical touch applications, like your expected workforce … increasing productivity. workers and job satisfaction to a level completely exceeded …

5 – Mobility DNA for a set of characteristics and incomparable values

Zebra’s “Mobility DNA” suite of applications provides powerful features that no other competitive product can offer, features that simplify everything from data capture to device management, all focused on improving your productivity. And with LifeGuard for Android (available with a Zebra OneCare contract), you can count on Zebra providing 8 years of operating system security support, giving you peace of mind that your devices, data, and the networks they are connected to they will be safeguarded.
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