Boreal Technologies presenting on Oracle IoT Tour 2019

Boreal Technologies participated as a technology partner in the Oracle IoT Tour 2019 event, which took place on the morning of January 11, 2019, in the city of Santiago de Chile.
At present, according to IDC, the industrial sector occupies 41% of the world market of Internet of Things, being its main and most promising scenario of action. According to the consultancy, 2019 is expected to be a better year for innovation and investment, where 54% of companies will increase their IT spending. This phenomenon is leveraged at the hands of new technologies that facilitate all types of operations in companies, from tracking merchandise in real time to safeguarding the security of employees using sensors.
In this context, the “Oracle IoT Tour 2019” was held in Chile in an event where different solutions were shown that use this technology to increase efficiency, improve productivity and provide greater safety within the industrial sector. During the activity, use cases were shown integrated to “Oracle Internet of Things Cloud”, which offers an exceptional set of functions for companies of different sizes and categories.
The key points discussed in the conferences were aimed at the processing of information based on data and actions from the Internet of Things (IoT), which allow different businesses to offer new innovative services, faster and with less risk, safely integrating data from IoT in real time, at scale, between connected devices and their business applications.
The Oracle IoT Tour event brought together around 200 people from the main private companies and public agencies in Chile, which were able to observe the operation of IoT solutions, through live practical functions, offered by Oracle’s main partners, such as Boreal Technologies, LAD Services, and ConnectSen.
Boreal Technologies, leader in innovation technology, was in charge of presenting preventive maintenance solutions assisted by intelligent voice systems, Voice Picking Logistics Solutions (assisted by voice), and Pick / Put to Light. Key applications to achieve maximum efficiency in the distribution and storage processes.
As a highlight, practical cases of augmented reality solutions were presented, using the new Vuzix smart glasses, for several verticals such as health, construction and assisted maintenance market.
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